How to report bugs in Pendula Swing Closed Beta

Hello valiant adventurers!

Thank you for taking the time to help us test an early version of Pendula Swing! To make it easy for you to report bugs, we set up Mantis Bug Tracker, a system that allows you to add bug names, descriptions, steps to reproduce, media materials such as screenshots or videos to show us the incorrect behaviour.

How to access Mantis Bug Tracker for Pendula Swing

Go to

Use the default Closed Beta Tester account:

username: ClosedBeta

password: PendulaSwing

You may also try to create a new account, but please be aware that we are experiencing issues and the system might not send you the needed e-mail to activate your account and set your password.

How to use Mantis Bug Tracker for Pendula Swing

Once logged in, you should have this view – these are all the bugs reported so far. Please browse them a bit to make sure you won’t be reporting an already known issue.

To report an issue, click the upper right button Report Issue. This is the reporting screen:

Here are the fields we need you to fill in:

Category – don’t worry about this, it is set on default!

Reproducibility – this is very important to us. Can you reproduce the bug? If yes, how often?

Severity – choose a severity based on how severely the bug prevents you to play the game

Priority – let it be 🙂

Select Profile – allows you to add in your platform, ie what operating system you use

Summary – brief summary of the bug

Description – try to describe exactly what you did when you encountered the bug

Steps to Reproduce – if any, describe the steps we need to take in order to reproduce the bug

Additional Information – whatever else you want to add!

You can then upload screenshots or videos if you have any to show the bug!

Please keep status Public! If you want to report more issues, you can “check to report more issues” right at the end of the report!


If you ave any questions or feedback about Mantis, jump in on our Discord channel here to ask us directly, drop us a mail at hello [at] valiant . se or tweet us at @Valiant_GS!


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