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This is a selection of screenshots from all our episodes. To download them all and more, click HERE (link to Gogle Drive)

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Valiant Game Studio

Valiant Game Studio AB is a tiny independent game studio from Stockholm, Sweden. Our team is composed of Anna Jenelius and Laura Bularca and we work with several freelancers. Our long term collaborators are: Eva Sokolova who is our talented artist, Kevin Martines who makes the music and Ruxandra Nicolescu who takes care of QA and handles our fantastic team of beta testers. 

We enjoy games that let us relax and that are focused on meaningful, thought provoking stories. We really like to develop diverse, under represented, real and sometimes controversial characters and stories.

We currently develop Pendula Swing, an episodic adventure game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 1920s. We also offer a small and empathic publishing service for indies, called Brindie.

Scroll down for a Valiant fact sheet and do not hesitate to contact us if you need more info and/ or want to talk to us!

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Valiant Facts:


Founding Date:


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Valiant Game Studio AB

based in Stockholm, Sweden

October 2017



Bellmansgatan 30
118 47 Stockholm

Valiant Team:

Anna Jenelius

CEO & Creative Director


anna [at]

Laura Bularca

Professional Dragon


laura [at]

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